"I'm in the mood for love..."

'um, 'er...sorry 'bout that... 
don't want to appear too eager now..
I herd it's better to play "hard to git" 


Anyway, here are the questions Mommy Pam makes me ask before any courtships...

Yer human's Name:                   


City, State/Prov                         

Phone Number:                         

Yer email address:                    

What is yer registered name?   

Did you win titles at shows too?

Who is yer Pa?                          

Who is yer Ma?                         

How About all that healthy stuff? Hips    Elbows

                                                     Heart Eyes    

Tell me about yourself...don't be shy now...

Mommy Pam is REALLY picky about my girlfriends.
Please tell her why you would be a good one...
Is there anything you need to know about me?
(Other than that I am ready whenever you are sweetheart? ...Oh yeah, hard to git, hard to git...This is sooo difficult)