Cahill Puppies...

"We must always look to the future. Tomorrow--the time that gives a man just one more chance--
is one of the many things that I feel are wonderful in life. So's a good horse under you. Or the only campfire for miles around. Or a quiet night and a nice soft hunk of ground to sleep on. A mother meeting her first-born. The sound of a kid calling you dad for the first time. There's a lot of things great about life. But I think tomorrow is the most important thing..."

                                                                                                                      John Wayne


More Puppy Candids

"Tux" (Cahill x Flash) and his best friend "Andie"

"Ronin" CKC/UKC Ch Gamegards True Grit (Cahill x Cha Cha)  with his Jr. Handler, "Killian"

Cammcastles Hear Me Roar ~ "Leo" (Cahill x Curie)

Gamegard's Rhinestone Cowgirl ~ Cahill x Cha Cha

Quail Run's Fair Play ~ Cahill x Marquis

Gamegards Khemosabi  ~ Cahill x Cha Cha

Ch Echo Ridge's All About Matilda  ~ Cahill x Molly

Cammcastle's Cinderella Story ~ Cahill x Launa

Bling ~ Cahill x Venus

U-AGII, U-CD, U-CH, CH Pagan's Cowboy Up-Mistiblu CD, RE, OA, OAJ, TT, CGC ~ Cahill x Anja

Big Jake ~ Cahill x Cha Cha

Cammcastle's Cinderella Story ~ Cahill x Launa

Cammcastle's Hollywood First Lady , aka "Reagan"
~ Cahill x Curie with her friends, Seamus and Zoe

"Timber" & "Shay" at 8 months (Cahill x Tess)

Jerry with CH Gamegards Guns a Blazin "Remy"

BPIG Trojan's Cat in the Hat  (Cahill x Brie)

Marvin (Cahill x Jade) and his best friend, Noodles

Cammcastles Habanero Hottie ~ Chili (Cahill x Curie)
with her BEST friend, James

Maybelline (Cahill x Ruby) celebrating her first birthday and CAKE!

"Reno" (Cahill x Flash) relaxing on the couch,
after a hard day of Herding and Agility! 
owned by Tracy McMahon\

"Posie" (Cahill x Shay) on her 2nd Birthday!

Twin Creek's Some Like it Hot ~ Cahill x Bertha

Roper ~ Cahill x Cha Cha 

VonAufstands Bite Size Mars Bar  ~ Cahill x Abby

Rolywinds Born Reckless ~ Cahill xJamie

Gamegards Rhinestone Cowgirl~ Cahill x Cha Cha

Rudy ~ Cahill x Molly

Briaroak's Cajun Spice ~ Cahill x Katie

Twin Creeks A Chorus Line "Hope" ~ Cahill x Bertha

Clara ~ Cahill x Razz

Ronin (Cahill x Cha Cha at 21 mos)
and his friend, Killian (4 mos)

Kinjack's Renagade v Trajan ~ Reno (Cahill x Flash) 

Tango (Cahill x Tess)

Maisey (L) (Cahill x Stormy) and Kaiser (R) (Cahill x Wruffian)
Relaxing at home with DAD!!

Timber (Cahill x Tess) and best friend, Sarah

Kinjack's Renagade v Trajan ~ Reno (Cahill x Flash) 

Gamegard's Spellbound ~ Trance (Cahill x Shawna) 

Gamegards Khemosabi  "Big Jake"  (Cahill x Cha Cha)
eating his Birthday Cake!!

Kinjack's Deputy Dawg ~"Neko" (Cahill x Flash)
with best friend Chelsea

"Remy" (Cahill x Cha Cha) being a good Uncle
to his little nieces and nephew!

"Big Jake" (Cahill x Cha Cha) and "Lil' Will" (Cahill grdson) relaxing on their daybed.